Melbourne Concrete Polisher

No-one understands the benefits of concrete better than a Melbourne Concrete Polisher. Sure, they may be a little bias, but they’ve good reason to be.

Design, durability and practicality of a polished concrete floor are just the start. From an environmental perspective, it also makes perfect sense. Melbourne Concrete Polisher expertise can show you how to incorporate this stylish look into your home.

It is such a sustainable building design choice. When you consider that many homes are built on a concrete slab you start to understand the sense in making use of an existing material. In many cases a concrete base will be overlaid with carpet, timber or tiles – adding to material use and cost. The finish achieved by polishing the concrete instead is stunning and incredibly versatile. Whether it’s a new slab or one that is aged or has imperfections, a Melbourne Concrete Polisher can assess, restore and polish any concrete slab into a beautiful, hard wearing surface.

Melbourne Concrete Polisher

Another environmentally friendly reason to consider polished concrete in your home or business is the thermal benefits. A concrete slab is a high density, large area of a building and so has a high thermal mass. This means that it remains at a more constant temperature retaining heat through winter and remaining cool through summer. It is a common misconception that a concrete floor is cold on your feet.  A polished floor within a building actually feels smooth and warm to walk on.

The hard-wearing nature of polished concrete needs little explaining. While the material itself is incredibly strong, the diamond finish as part of the polishing process further seals and strengthens the floor making it almost bomb proof.

Lastly, the versatility of this finish is what attracts people. Polished concrete looks equally stunning in a modern beach house, as it does in an industrial style café. By altering the mix and level of grind you can adapt the look to your tastes including a gloss or matte polish. A Melbourne Concrete Polisher is expert at appraising a slab and guiding you through the options available so you can make a smart choice for the best result.

Contact Eco Grind today and create a magical flooring finish with your concrete slab.

Melbourne Concrete Polishing