With a growing focus on eco friendly, sustainable design trends, polished concrete as a flooring is ticking all the right boxes. While many people choose it for its industrial and edgy look, just as many are appreciating the durability and practicality of the finish.

There’s no doubt it’s easy to clean, scratch resistant and hard wearing but the benefits of this flooring go beyond this. A polished concrete floor is interesting and adds texture. When choosing Melbourne Concrete Grinding you also know you are making a climate sensitive design choice. A concrete floor provides a large thermal mass in a building creating passive heating and cooling year-round which is good for the environment and translates into energy savings for you.

The demand for concrete grinding Melbourne residential, commercial and industrial spaces is continuing to grow. The wonderful thing about choosing this flooring option is the versatility of the look. It can work with many different types and styles of buildings and there are a range of finishes which help create a certain look or feel. Whether your preference is sophisticated elegance or rustic industrial, we can create a finish that works with your overall design goals.

Finishes can range from a light grind to full stone exposure with added options such as acid etching. We can polish new or existing concrete flooring and are able to repair or rejuvenate a slab prior to grinding and polishing in a matte, satin or gloss finish.

One thing designers and clients love about  Melbourne Concrete Grinding is that it makes use of a material already existing in the space. Not only is this economical and sustainable, it is also perfectly aligned with the current design trend of exposing building materials as part of the interior. An added bonus of polished concrete is that it is allergy free, an increasingly important design consideration in homes.

Our team at Ecogrind are experts at concrete grinding Melbourne floors and can provide advice and guidance for both renovations or during new construction. You will find that it becomes a feature of your home that is both cleverly designed and aesthetically stunning. Contact Ecogrind today.