Polished concrete isn’t just for warehouse apartments and inner city cafes! Thanks to its supreme durability and easy maintenance, polished concrete is fast becoming a popular choice for Melbourne concrete factory floor finishes.

Melbourne Concrete Factory Floor Finishes - Eco Grind Concrete Polishing

Deciding on the best option for your Melbourne concrete factory floor finishes hasn’t always been so simple.  There are many factors to consider, most of them practical.  At least now, with polished concrete being a mainstream option, the decision is easier!

Here are some of the key reasons to put polished concrete at the top of your list of Melbourne concrete factory floor finishes…


Safety First

When you are looking at the best surface for your factory floor, safety must be at the top of the criteria list.  OH&S must be given due consideration.  This primarily involves ensuring that there are no tripping hazards or uneven seams or joints, as well as eliminating any potential slipping hazards.  Polished concrete is smooth, seamless, ground to be level, and can be treated with anti-slip coating.


You need your Melbourne concrete factory floor finish to be tough, able to withstand a lot of traffic and some pretty intensive work!  Most factory floors are subject to rigorous durability testing by forklifts, heavy objects such as fully-loaded pallets, chemical spills and welders.  Of course, every factory or warehouse has a different set of functions and requirements, but at the core is a fundamental need to take beating and allow business to continue as usual!


Easy Cleaning

When you are manufacturing or storing goods for a trusting customer-base, you need to be confident that your products won’t be compromised by dust, mould, bacteria or other pollutants.  An easy-to-clean surface like polished concrete is your best chance of achieving this.


Compared with many other factory flooring options, polished concrete is a winner in the money department!  Being so durable and easy to maintain, it means fewer repairs and ongoing maintenance costs.  Something the finance department will be more than happy about!


One of the best things about polished concrete for large areas like factory floors is that you can adapt the finish to suit different sections. You can have a higher level of anti-slip in areas where there is more pedestrian traffic, or perhaps more exposure in some areas to define them, such as walkways or customer service sections.

The benefits of choosing polished concrete for factory floor finishes are many and varied.  Aside from all of the great benefits listed here, it looks fantastic!

If you have a factory floor that needs some sprucing up, Eco Grind are the concrete polishing experts.  For the best in Melbourne concrete factory floor finishes, including an obligation-free quote, contact Eco Grind on 0499 777 139 or via our website.