Mechanical Polished Concrete Wardin North

Looking to revamp the floors in your place of business? Mechanical polished concrete in Wardin North is a great example of what you can do.

The mechanical polished concrete at this Wardin North business is a prime example of how you can give your business a complete transformation just by changing the floors. This type of floor can make the entire space look brighter.


Eco Grind - Mechanical Polished Concrete - Wardin

Mechanical Polished Concrete Wardin North is a unique flooring installation that involves griding, honing and you guessed it, polishing an existing concrete surface.

The Process

Your new or existing concrete floor will be honed down using the latest machine equipped with diamond abrasive grits.

Once your choice of exposure level is reached (full, random or nil), a chemical hardener is applied.

This densifies the concrete and an acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane sealer will give you a satin or gloss finish.

The Stylish Choice

Mechanical Polished Concrete Wardin North is special because it gives such a stunning result.

As you can see here, this industrial space looks incredibly bright.

The light coming through the large open windows reflects off the glossy floor and brightens the entire room – in turn, the space seems bigger.

The brightness is one of the many reasons this floor choice has become so popular.

The Eco-Friendly Solution

Polished concrete is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces.

It’s a sustainable option as it utilises material already available.

It’s also incredibly durable and doesn’t chip like other flooring materials, like timber.

With it being so hardwearing, it is the ideal surface for many parts of the home or workplace, like kitchens, foyers, garages, showrooms.

Basically, any area with a lot of foot traffic or pressure can benefit from polished concrete.

Together with its other drawcards, polished concrete is easy to clean, requiring no harsh chemicals. Plus, when it come to allergens, there are none! The surface is safe for everyone, including pets.

Eco Grind - Mechanical Polished Concrete - Wardin

When you want to give your commercial or residential space a complete facelift, mechanical polished concrete does the trick. The results are just stunning and sure to please. Make an appointment with Eco Grind today to see what’s best for you.

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