Do you have a commercial space that needs a bit of a facelift? Perhaps your floors could do with a little zing? Well full exposure mechanical polished concrete Moorabbin could be the very answer you’re looking for.

Industrial and commercial areas can really benefit from full exposure mechanical polished concrete Moorabbin. Showrooms and receptions are brought to life as you can see here.
Eco Grind - Commercial Full Exposure Polished Concrete Moorabbin
Eco Grind - Commercial Full Exposure Polished Concrete Moorabbin

It’s a sustainable option.

This is an eco-friendly flooring solution that can be used in any residential, or in this case, commercial, space. Full exposure mechanical polished concrete Moorabbin is a sustainable design option because it will use materials that are already present in the space.

It’s durable.

Polished concrete is hard wearing and very durable. Unlike the usual flooring materials such as timber, it doesn’t chip. It really is perfect for high foot-traffic commercial areas, like showrooms or receptions. It doesn’t matter what condition your concrete is in, we can evaluate, repair and convert it into exactly what you require.

It looks good. Really.

We use heavy duty polishing machines that are equipped with diamond abrasive grits. The surface of your floors to their desired degree of smoothness and shine. You can even choose matte or high-gloss finish to suit your needs. Sealers come in acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane. As you can see in the pictures, there’s a real wow factor to these floors with a satin or gloss finish. Your customers will have a good impression of your business, and that means they will stay long-term.

So what’s full exposure?

The grinding process takes your concrete right down to maximum exposure of stones. Approximately 5mm of concrete is removed and that is the best way to achieve consistency in exposure. This is the easiest exposure level to achieve, yet it yields the most remarkable results. With the stones being more easily polished, your concrete can retain high gloss.


Eco Grind - Full Exposure Polished Concrete Moorabbin

If you want your industrial, commercial or retail space to look its best, be sure to contact Eco Grind. We will transform your floors!

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