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Man caves are generally a private bastion to engage in all manner of shenanigans, like playing pool on your private pool table, watching football or a monster video game session. Which is why the design and materials used in the construction process are crucial, especially if you intend to spend a lot of time hiding out in your man cave.

One of the things that often goes overlooked is the flooring, man cave flooring is important, it sets the tone for the room, is the first thing guests will see on entering and if you pick the right flooring material, can add a whole host of other benefits.

When a man cave is in an area of the house with a cement floor, it opens up the option for concrete polishing. An ordinary concrete floor is dull, and untreated slabs can often crack, stain and be a challenge to clean when something gets spilled. The process of concrete polishing eliminates all these drawbacks in man cave flooring.

Concrete polishing can transform formerly dull concrete floors into sophisticated, bright, decorative art, while also providing other benefits for the entire home. It has a wide variety of design choices for man cave flooring and can be custom built to suit individual tastes. Along with a virtually unlimited number of colours and textures available, there are also options for grids, patterns, borders, custom stencils, saw cuts, pebbles, shards of glass, glitter or custom graphics.

Aside from the aesthetic choices, polishing the concrete also makes it more durable, the use of hardeners ensures that the floor won’t be scratched, dented or otherwise damaged under normal circumstances. The polishing also creates a low, medium or high-level glossy sheen that can reflect light, decreasing the need for artificial alternatives, and the naturally high thermal mass of concrete allows it to absorb heat during the day and release it at night.

It is also easy to clean when those inevitable spills happen, regardless of whether its beer, juice or bourbon, polished concrete’s smooth, uninterrupted surface makes mopping up spills and other messes much easier. It is also cheaper over its lifetime because of its naturally long lifespan and limited maintenance requirements.

Polished concrete combines the strength of concrete and the aesthetic appeal of other flooring options, making it the ultimate choice for man cave flooring. Whether the cave is for listening to music, entertaining friends, working on cars, bikes or machinery, polished concrete allows you to create a custom designed man cave floor, that is durable, easy to clean and able to be customised.

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