Just like a high gloss finish, a satin finish concrete floor creates a massive visual impact. With all the same benefits of other polished concrete flooring options, a satin finish will be the showstopper of your space.

Many believe a gloss finish is the only option for polished concrete, however satin and matte are also making a statement which are both just as appealing. With a satin finish concrete floor, you won’t compromise any of the wonderful properties that other concrete finishes have to offer.

A satin finish concrete floor does not only provide a modern touch but provides a stylish finish that compliments any residential or commercial space. Choosing a satin finish is an in between option that is not as reflective as gloss but is not completely flat like a matte finish. It allows you to have a surface that does not overpower your space visually allowing other accents in your area to also make statement.

Satin Finish Concrete Floor

Besides its aesthetic beauty, satin floors have all the same benefits as a gloss finish along with many more. No matter the surface finish, polished concrete floors are known for their easy maintenance, durability, sustainability, and hypo-allergenic properties.

Compared to gloss polished concrete, a satin finish is great for high traffic areas. A satin finish hides imperfections, making it great for commercial spaces such as restaurants, as well as residential areas that are used frequently such as bathrooms and kitchen spaces.

Satin Finish Concrete Floors

It is evident that satin floors have a great deal of visual and practical benefits that make it an ideal choice. Whether it be commercial or residential, polished concrete floors will be the winner in any space. A great canvas to any room or area, satin polished concrete is available in a range of colours and different pebble sizes, making every space unique.

Eco Grind can create a new concrete floor or use existing flooring to produce a show stopping surface that will look amazing. Contact the team today to get a quote and get the best advice on satin finish… or any other surface finish you wish to add to your space.