Eco Grind Random Exposure Finish Polished Concrete - Elwood

This latest polished concrete floor by Eco Grind shows off the beauty of having a floor surface with a Random Exposure finish.

This premises in Elwood, in Melbourne’s south, was given the Eco Grind Concrete Polishing treatment, with a random exposure finish leaving the floor with a glossy shine which is easy to clean and maintain.

To achieve a random exposure look like this one, Eco Grind uses specialised equipment to grind a little bit off the top of the existing concrete slab, the amount ground off the top varies according to the condition of the slab. The beauty of a full exposure finish, is that if there are any previous screed marks or irregularities in the slab, when grinding the top back, these will come through to create the random-ness that creates an individual finish like no other. The amount of aggregate (pebbles) exposed in the final finish will also depend on how the slab was initially laid.

To find out more about how Eco Grind can make a polished concrete floor with random exposure finish, contact us today!

Random Exposure Finish Elwood Gallery

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