Eco Grind were out for Hawthorn to concrete polish this residential living area.

Polished Concrete Hawthorn - Eco Grind

Having your home living spaces concrete polished by Eco Grind is an ideal way to keep your home looking stylish.

Polished concrete floors is an eco-friendly flooring solution that can be used in any residential or commercial space. It’s a sustainable alternative to other floor types, as it’s using the current flooring that’s already there – underneath the old and worn carpet, floorboards or tiles.

Eco Grind can transform your tired and worn living spaces to stylish and chic, with a range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Polished Concrete floors are easy to maintain, long lasting and did we already mention look amazing?

Want to know more about how Eco Grind can transform your tired floor? Contact Us now for a free, no obligation quote!

Hawthorn Concrete Polish Photo Gallery

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