Have a peek at more of our Latest Work at Eco Grind – Grind and Seal Non Slip in Edithvale.

The team went out to beachside Edithvale, to create this outdoor drive way using our Grind and Seal with a Non Slip coating. We’re loving the look of a Grind and Sealed drive way!

Eco Grind - Grind and Seal Non Slip Surface in EdithvaleConcrete Grind and Seal involves preparing the floor and grinding the concrete to transform the look of the existing floor. Using heavy duty polishing machines that are equipped with diamond abrasive grits, these grind down the surface of the floor to the desired level of shine and smoothness. We can grind your existing or new concrete floor surfaces to a matte or high-gloss appearance. We finish it off with your choice of sealer, in Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane.

Grind and Seal floors look fantastic in any space. As you can see from these pictures, it makes a striking driveway which will be long lasting and easy to maintain.

For more information about Grind and Seal Polished Concrete by Eco Grind – contact us today!


Grind and Seal Non Slip Edithvale – Gallery

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