Recently, Eco Grind headed to Melbourne’s east to complete a grind and seal Heathmont job on a slab of garage concrete flooring.

With a heavy, random exposure, the final result for this grind and seal garage in Heathmont was striking. It was transformed from a simple storage room into a pleasant space to spend time.

As you can see from the photos, the initial slab was dull, making the garage feel empty and lifeless. As most people don’t spend a huge amount of time in their garages, it’s understandably tempting to ignore it and concentrate on decorating and improving other spaces instead. However, garages can be surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable places to get stuck into projects, hobbies, or simply to relax.

Grind and Seal Garage Heathmont
Garage Grind and Seal Heathmont

With this in mind, our customers in Heathmont wanted to have their garage grinded and sealed to create additional space. They didn’t want to renovate or extend their home, so the garage was the perfect space. While grind and seal garages are an aesthetic improvement, there are some practical benefits as well, and their ability to transform is astounding!

Heavy random exposure for high impact

For this grind and seal garage Heathmont, our customers opted for heavy random exposure. This meant that the surface was grinded down more than usual to make the aggregate buried underneath appear large. In this case the exposure ended up with random patches appearing at different sizes and intensities. This yields a dynamic look full of character with no two sections of the floor appearing exactly the same. It’s also extremely easy to maintain and keep clean, with the shiny, glossy surface preventing dust and grime from sticking while effortlessly regaining its lustre with just a quick mop. For a space that can often get dirty, this flooring solution is undoubtedly the perfect match.


If you wish to revitalise your garage from a dark, sullen spot into a fresh, exciting space like our customers in Heathmont, contact Eco Grind today and discover more about the benefits of grind and seal concrete.

 Garage Grind and Seal Heathmont - Before
Grind and Seal Garage Random Exposure Heathmont
Grind and Seal Non-Slip Heavy Random Exposure Heathmont