Thinking of remodelling your kitchen? Kitchens with polished concrete floors are stylish and functional. Easy to clean and hard to scratch, they’re perfect for kitchens.

Kitchens with polished concrete floors are no longer just for restaurants and industrial kitchens. They’re a great choice for your home kitchen because they’re durable and low maintenance, while also being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Kitchens with polished concrete floors – the smart choice

Polished concrete is a sustainable design choice. Why? It makes use of materials already present within the space, so you can ultimately save on costs.

Kitchens with Polished Concrete Floors
Versatility is key

The wonderful thing about polished concrete is that it doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen. Why not extend your kitchen into an open-plan living area? Here you have an opportunity to create a stunning space for your family to enjoy that will double as a fantastic entertainment spot for your guests.


Polished concrete stands the test of time. Virtually scratch-resistant and hard-wearing, it is unlike any other flooring materials (timber and the like). If that wasn’t enough to sway you, it’s super easy to clean. You don’t need harsh chemical cleaners. Warm soapy water does the trick.

Satin Finish Concrete Floor

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The process

New or existing floors are grinded down with a heavy-duty machine equipped with diamond grits until it reaches your desired level of shine and smoothness. No matter the condition of your floor, Eco Grind can work with you to achieve a magnificent finish.


The end result is worth the wait

You can choose the exposure level and finish. Full exposure means the grinding process takes the floor right down to get maximum exposure of stones. You’ll get phenomenal results with this. Random exposure will give you a unique salt-and-pepper finish. Finally, choose your sealer in acrylic, epoxy of polyurethane. These can be used on all concrete surfaces and come in satin or gloss finish.


Your kitchen is in for a really spectacular makeover. Contact Eco Grind to start your home’s transformation today.