Is Polished Concrete Eco-Friendly?

Polished concrete is fast becoming a popular flooring option in many households and commercial businesses. It is durable, versatile and suits a wide variety of styles and tastes. However, with today’s environmentally conscious population, the question that often gets asked first, Is polished Concrete eco-friendly? Read on to find out more; the answer may surprise you.

So is polished concrete eco-friendly? Yes, is the short answer. Polished concrete is the ultimate option in sustainable flooring. Few materials are used in the polishing process, and it makes use of materials that are already present. New or existing floors can be polished, and in some cases the polishing process will actually increase the lifespan of the concrete significantly, meaning that there will be fewer resources used on upkeep and maintenance during its lifetime.

The smooth, uninterrupted surface is also easy to clean and doesn’t allow toxic moulds or dust to accumulate. Expensive chemicals and harsh treatments are unnecessary when cleaning polished concrete, typically easy cleaning methods such as light mopping or sweeping are sufficient to keep the floor looking pristine.

Other benefits can include, the ability to retain heat absorbed throughout the day and slowly release it at night because of the naturally high thermal mass of concrete. Polished concretes high level of shine can even reflect light, decreasing the need for artificial alternatives.

The process of concrete polishing creates very little waste and has the option to be designed with entirely recyclable materials such as crushed glass, recycled plastics, marble chips and metal shavings. While the concrete itself can be made up of fly ash or slag cement, two waste by-products of current common manufacturing faculties.

Generally, a building that is considered green or sustainable is energy efficient and has a high quality of indoor environmental quality. Polished concrete has both, and many more benefits as well. Polished concrete is an eco-friendly flooring solution that can be used in any residential or commercial space.

So the answer to is polished concrete eco-friendly? Is a resounding yes, it has a myriad of benefits and will reduce your carbon footprint significantly, while also offering options to use wholly recycled materials in the construction process to help reduce waste.

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