Interior Design Celebrity Inspiration

Many look to celebrities for the latest trends, inspiring them to recreate certain looks and styles. Within the interior design world, celebrity inspiration plays a big role influencing home owners and renovators to create their own high end look.

Choosing the right flooring surface is one of the biggest decisions that people make when renovating or building a new home. With careful consideration taking place, celebrity inspiration will help make this interior design choice easier, as they will always choose best options available on the market.

Celebrity figures continue to inspire thanks to showcasing their style on social media. Thanks to their on trend decor choices, you can’t help fall in love with their impressive designs that many people want to recreate.

Celebrity Inspiration
Celebrity Inspiration

Images from: Ferrari Interiors

Using polished concrete in her Sydney residence, actress Cate Blanchett showcases this beautiful design trend providing inspiration for many people. Her home showcases impressive design trends that have inspired people to follow.

Although, polished concrete may seem like a harsh surface, Blanchett uses a range of furnishing choices that soften the room instantaneously. The use of rugs, artwork and pendant lights help create warmth in the room which instantly creates a high end space that you cannot help fall in love with.

Chic and clean, polished concrete is a wonderful flooring choice thanks to its design qualities, durability and sustainability properties. Available in so many colours and finishes from high gloss to matte, your options are endless depending on the look you are trying to create.

Minimalist and sophisticated, this is a high end trend that can easily be created in your home. Thanks to celebrity inspiration and the help of Eco Grind, your space can be transformed into a beautiful space showcasing a flooring choice that has made waves within the circles of the rich and famous.

Providing some of the most on trend interior design inspiration, celebrities continue to inspire with their show stopping design options to influence society. Contact Eco Grind today to bring celebrity style and a luxe interior designs into your home.

Celebrity Inspiration