With industrial interior designs finding popularity within homes and businesses, completing the effect with industrial look floors is a must.

Traditionally, tiles, carpet and floorboards are the choice of interior flooring, however industrial look floors have found their way out of the commercial industry and into homes within the last decade.

Providing a sleek, classy and modern look, industrial look floors with polished concrete is a great option to enhance the industrial look in your interior space. 

Polished concrete may not initially sound enticing as an interior flooring solution, however this option is a practical choice that has many great features. Created using heaving machinery with diamond abrasive grits, the concrete is then shined and smoothed to a desired level. If concrete is already present in the space, choosing polished concrete is a sustainable design option making it an eco-friendly solution.

Industrial Look Floors

With versatility, you can choose either a satin or high gloss finish providing the desired look for your interior space. Along with choosing your desired finish, polished concrete also has a range of different aesthetic finishes that can be chosen. With different levels of stone exposure and colours to choose from, concrete flooring can suit many styles of homes, businesses, spaces and colour palettes. There is definitely something for everybody and the versatility will ensure that you get the perfect flooring for your space.

Although there are concrete styles tiles that can be purchased and floorboards that can also provide an industrial look, polished concrete is extremely durable and hard wearing. You will not have to worry about chips or dints that can occur with other flooring materials such as tiles and floorboards and will withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Eco Grind can help provide advice on polished concrete and help convert your floor into a stunning industrial look that will enhance your space. With a range of expertise and versatile options that we will provide, you will not be disappointed with the service and product. There is so much to love about this style and you will not regret choosing this option of flooring.

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