When it comes to Industrial Concrete Floors Melbourne, the requirements for commercial and industrial floors differ greatly from residential.  From OH&S and safety requirements, to cost and maintenance of the surface, we understand how important it is that these needs are met.


Industrial Concrete Finishes

The professionals at Eco Grind are experienced in addressing and satisfying these requirements, while still creating a surface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Perhaps you have a new Industrial Concrete Floors Melbourne that needs additional surfacing work to meet standards, or you might have an old concrete floor that would benefit from a grind and seal.

We can grind your floor surface in either matte or high-gloss finish, and we have a variety of sealers available depending on your needs and budget.

For high traffic areas, acid etching is a great solution, which results in a smooth, sand textured surface that is also non-slip. Acid etching opens the pores of the concrete and prepares the surface for further treatment.  This method is suitable for outdoor areas, wet areas, and commercial/industrial floors where safety is a high priority.

Whatever your industry, you can be confident in Eco Grind’s ability to achieve the quality of flooring you want at a lower cost than other conventional industrial flooring methods.

Feel free to check out the photo gallery on our website to see examples of our previous work.

Contact Eco Grind today – we would love to see how we can help meet the individual needs of your business.