Polished concrete floors are versatile – perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses!


Because of this flexibility and maintainability, polished concrete floors have, it isn’t a surprise that it is the modern flooring solution of choice! Without further ado, here are some indoor uses for polished concrete floors.

Indoor Uses for Polished Concrete Floors

Kitchen Space


There are many reasons why you should think about getting kitchen polished concrete floors, one of them is it will be easier to clean especially if you have children around the house. It is no secret that children are messy and are prone to accidents. Polished concrete floors in your kitchen aid with quick clean-ups and won’t leave a stain or scratch. Another is the fact that polished concrete floors are long-lasting so your kitchen will be looking shiny and presentable for years to come!

indoor uses for polished concrete floors

Living Room


The living room is where all the fun happens! If you have pets or children, polished concrete floors will ensure that your living room is safe from chemicals or waxes as it needs no special treatments! Since polished concrete is sratch resistant, play time with your pet or child will not leave your living room with unsightly or permanent marks.

As allergy season is coming up, we need to make sure our homes of all places are a comfortable environment away from all the allergies from the outside world. Polished concrete floors do not harbour or hold allergens making it perfect for those with sensitivites. Unlike carpet or tiles, dusts cannot hide in cracks or cravices with polished concrete floors – the polished technique leaves a smooth and even surface with no place to hide for those pesky particles.

indoor uses for polished concrete floors


Office or Hallway


An office space or hallway will have that something extra it needs with a polished concrete floor. Aesthetically, polished concrete has a beauitufl pattern from the aggregate inside the concrete slab, and looks mordern and sophisticated on any home. With constant traffic including walking up and down the halls or chairs rolling across the office, your polished concrete floors will remain shiny and stunning for years.

indoor uses for polished concrete floors

For more indoor uses for polished concrete floors, feel free to contact us at EcoGrind for a quote!