Your floors look amazing, but now you need to know how to maintain a polished concrete floor.

Perhaps you’re still deciding whether or not concrete polishing is the best choice for you? Knowing how to maintain a polished concrete floor can be part of the decision-making process.

Durable and easy-to-maintain flooring solutions don’t come any better than polished concrete. Across a range of building designs, residential and commercial, concrete polished flooring is a solution that fits many needs.

A major benefit to the concrete polished floor solution is its eco-friendly nature, being easily maintained through a range of ecologically sound products for maximised outcomes. Polished concrete floors do not need traditional waxing or stripping procedures to achieve great results – by opting for concrete polished flooring you are choosing a safer and less harsh flooring solution.

Concrete polished flooring is low maintenance, but does require cleaning – and you have some great, cost-effective options.

So what do we recommend? We get asked all the time how to maintain a polished concrete floor. What products do we recommend, and how often should the floors be cleaned?

We recommend cleaning most areas using as little as possible. Most of the time, a quick vacuum or sweep, followed by a damp mop with warm water, is all that is needed.

maintain a polished concrete floor
maintain a polished concrete floor

For dusting, a microfibre dust broom is best, or a light vacuum will pick up everything. If using cleaning products while mopping, ensure that the product is pH neutral.

When using any electronic cleaners, make sure that the surface of the cleaner is non-abrasive.

As for how often, we recommend cleaning your floors frequently. Little but more often is the best way to keep anything clean, and your polished concrete floors are no different. Keeping your floors free of dust and other dirt will ensure that your surface keeps its shine a lot longer!

When it comes to long term maintenance, never apply wax or any other sealer to your polished concrete floors. It is important that you always engage the help of a professional – be kind to your floors and they will be kind to you!

What else should be avoided when considering how to maintain a polished concrete floor?

In the first few days after your floors have been polished, avoid all contact with water. This allows the sealants to cure properly, and will ensure that your polished concrete floors last the distance.

Avoiding anything adhesive, such as tape or glue for the life of the floors. It is also advised to avoid any degreasing products, or any cleaning agents that are not pH neutral.

If unsure, always chat to your concrete polishing company, and follow their advice.

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