Honed Concrete – A Classic Flooring Gaining New Popularity!

Honed concrete is one of the most tried and trusted methods of polished concrete. The process is simple – grind down concrete to a smooth matte finish and seal it.

With honed concrete, the finished product is long-lasting, hard-wearing, and very good-looking! It is ideal for outdoor areas and can be furnished with a non-slip finish providing extra grip and making it safe even when wet!

Where Should I Put Honed Concrete?

Honed concrete is generally not for inside the home. It is best suited for outdoor spaces, such as:

  • Paths
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Around pools
Honed Concrete
Why Choose It?

It is hard, durable, and requires only basic maintenance, and will retain a fresh, radiant aura even after decades of surviving through Melbourne’s worst weather. But it’s not just about toughness! This finish comes in an assortment of styles and finishes, all of which are refined and stylish! It will breathe life into your outdoor areas, forming a base from which a magnificent entertainment space can be crafted. Its smooth finish feels good to step on, even in bare feet, making it perfect for poolsides, entertaining areas, or play areas for children!

Easy on the Wallet!

Compared with other popular outdoor flooring solutions, honed concrete is surprisingly affordable! Its low-maintenance requirements also mean you’ll save money on replacements or repairs, and cleaning is as simple as a broom, water, and mop!

Find Your Look!

You are looking at extremely versatility here. Using our experience and machinery, the Eco Grind team can grind the concrete down to customise your desired level of aggregate. We can create a universal look that carries through your entire property, bringing forth a harmonious balance that will tie your home together.


For all the extra details about honed concrete and what it can do for your outdoor areas, give Eco Grind a call today, or contact us via our website.