Building a new home is an exciting time, and one of the greatest things about building a new home is the ability to choose the elements you really want.  Beautiful floors are a wonderful addition to any new construction – and this home in Malvern will certainly have floors to be proud of with high gloss polished concrete!

The exposure in this concrete floor is striking, with gold-toned flecks scattered throughout.  We finished the floors with a high gloss polished concrete sealer, and you can see how brilliant the shine stands out in the photos! The gloss looks so good; you can even see a full reflection of the window frames in the floor from certain angles.

High Gloss Polished Concrete   High Gloss Polished Concrete   High Gloss Polished Concrete

At Eco Grind, we love creating beautiful floors for people, whether it is for a renovation, new home, or commercial property.  We understand polished concrete, and how it can brighten up a room.

Being so practical, hard-wearing and easy to maintain, it is perfect for busy families who don’t want to spend countless hours or dollars cleaning, maintaining and repairing flooring materials.

If you are planning on building a new home, Eco Grind can help you create a stunning high gloss polished concrete floor like this home in Malvern.

Contact Eco Grind today for a chat or an obligation-free quote.  Whatever your polished concrete needs, Eco Grind has you covered!