The polished concrete job that we’d like to share with you was for High Gloss Polished Concrete in Mentone. We transformed old existing concrete slabs in their office and shop front into a sleek and gleaming polished concrete perfect for the modern and professional environment they were looking to create.

As our customers in Mentone realised, polished concrete is truly the best flooring solution for a business. Here are some of the reasons why!

Full Exposure Concrete Polishing Mentone
Modern, sleek and cool

Having polished concrete flooring in your shop or office will demonstrate your business as modern and stylish. Polished concrete is an extremely fashionable flooring choice that pairs well with all kinds of interior decoration, lighting and architecture. Truly the flooring of the 21st-century!

Sturdy and durable

With heavy desks, chairs scratching the ground and potentially hundreds of feet walking on it each day, other flooring choices wouldn’t stand a chance in a business or shop. Concrete flooring, however, is different. Resistant to most wear and tear, it’ll look fresh and flawless for years! And when it does start to appear a bit rough, all you need is another grind and polish and it’ll be brand new again! You’ll save money on flooring costs while your workplace is always looking its best.

Full Exposure Mechanical Polished High Gloss Mentone
Full Exposure Mechanical Polished High Gloss Mentone

Cheap to clean and maintain

Unlike carpets, wood or tiling, which are prone to stains and damage, and require lots of expensive equipment and chemicals to clean, with polished flooring, all you need is water and a mop – no chemicals are needed! Polished concrete flooring is resistant to liquids, dirt, stains and chipping, meaning that you’ll be saving costs on cleaning supplies and time. 


So, with these three reasons in mind, you can see why our customers in Mentone decided that polished concrete flooring was the way to go for their business! 

You too can enjoy the benefits by contacting us at Eco Grind – Your Polished Concrete Experts – today!