Grind & Seal Port Melbourne – Grey Epoxy – Our latest job took us to Port Melbourne for a Grind and Seal followed by application of a Grey Epoxy coating.

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Grind & Seal Port Melbourne with a Grey Epoxy coating.

The procedure of grinding and sealing is where we use a machine to grind down on your floor space. We grind your floor until the desired exposure is achieved.

Following this step, we use a high-quality Surface Sealer in either Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane to give the concrete either a satin, matte or glossy finish.

In this particular job, we used a Grey Epoxy coating. Our client, as well as our team, couldn’t be happier with the way the floor turned out.


We highly recommend recoating the floor in 4-6 years time.

The time factor will highly depend on the frequency of use. Higher traffic areas will generally need a recoat to maintain the look and feel around the 4-year mark.

Floor spaces which aren’t frequented have a lasting look for up to 5-6 years.

May require recoating in 4-5 years time depending on whether it is in a high traffic area.

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