Grind and Seal Melbourne – Do you have a tired-looking driveway?  If you want to freshen up that concrete, Eco Grind is the company to call.  They did a fantastic job on a driveway in Black Rock! The transformation is amazing!


Grind and Seal Melbourne


Grind and Seal Melbourne







Grind and Seal Melbourne transformations like this one are inspiring. Using the latest equipment, this driveway in Black Rock was given new life – and the team at Eco Grind is extremely proud of the result.  This process included grinding the top of the concrete floor surface using heavy duty machines, then sealing with an Acrylic sealer.  The final non-slip coating was applied to create a safe surface for cars and pedestrians.

Choosing to grind and seal your old concrete surface has a lot of advantages. It creates an extremely safe surface, even in wet weather.  The results are long-lasting and maintenance is a breeze. And it looks great!

If your driveway or outdoor area needs a facelift, contact Eco Grind today for all of your Grind and Seal Melbourne needs – they can give you an obligation free quote for a grind and seal.