This Grind and Seal Brunswick job gave new shine to a floor in a building that desperately needed a revamp.

During this recent job, we journeyed inland to the trendy Melbourne inner-city suburb of Brunswick to grind and seal a concrete floor for a shopfront.

Like many of our jobs, this shop was an existing business that decided to undergo an extensive renovation to reinvigorate their sales. One of the central points of this renovation was a complete overhaul of their interior design, which naturally started with the most fundamental element: grind and seal Brunswick flooring.

We were tasked with polishing a newly laid slab of concrete to provide a unique finish that stood apart from the surrounding competing businesses. The original floors, which were severely damaged, were completely ripped up, while a slab of brand-new concrete was slowly and methodically poured. As we were on site right from the start, we could guarantee that the concrete was poured properly and in such a way that would lend itself to achieving a great result.

While there are a multitude of creative ways to polish concrete that yield distinctive patterns and designs, the client settled on grind and seal.

Eco Grind - Grind and Seal Brunswick
Eco Grind Polished Concrete - Grind and Seal Brunswick

Grind and seal is achieved by grinding down concrete multiple times until all blemishes are removed before adding a grout and sealing agent. For this job, the sealing agent we used was a water-based two pack epoxy, which is low-odour, as well as being resistant to most chemicals and moderate physical damage. As this was a store and not a warehouse or factory, a stronger, more intense sealing agent was not required.

We also grinded down the concrete to a fairly low level, bringing out the aggregate buried underneath to form dynamic natural patterns adding character and life into the store. This contributed a unique flair, transforming the once-dreary store into a modern yet cosy place to shop and work.

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