Green themed offices with polished concrete floors are a new trend sweeping interior design platforms – with various shades of the tone, you can achieve a range of styles, for a plethora of interior design goals.

Green as a colour has been studies to bring feelings of security, calm and steadiness – all attributes you want to attract within an office space. Through the particular use of green themed offices with polished concrete floors, you’ll be creating a memorable experience for your staff, clients and stakeholders through every visit to your head office.

The look and feeling of polished concrete flooring is cool to touch, smooth to feel and industrial in style. It’s the flooring choice for offices, homes and feature rooms that need that something extra to bring character to the space. The neutral tones of concrete offer a blank canvas for design – with your interior styling working around it, every time.

In recent years the popularity of concrete polished floors has grown – the industrial nature of it is something that people admire, and seek to achieve in their design goals – modern and traditional.


Green office with polished concrete

Ranging from lime, olive, forest, emerald and jade – the possibilities really are endless. Green themed offices with polished concrete floors can create a versatile and luxurious feel to any room. Whether you’re styling for meeting rooms, personal offices, communal areas and more – you’ll be able to achieve stunning interior design outcomes with the use of strategic colour and industrial materials gracing the walls and floors.

When considering the design of your next office makeover – consider something fresh, natural, yet sophisticated. Choose the option that brings a level of calm, design and creativity into your workplace.

Green themed offices with polished concrete floors are your next interior design consideration – speak with the Eco Grind team today about your next interior makeover.

Green themed offices with polished concrete floors