In order to motivate our bodies and minds, homes should be bright, clean and full of light and laughter. Full Exposure White Concrete is the perfect solution.

If your living or outdoor space is feeling a tad drab, the electrifying nature of full exposure with white concrete will inject life back into your home, making it an invigorating place suitable for productive work and relaxing downtime. 

Drive Out the Darkness

Our latest customer came to us complaining that their home felt dark and dreary. Planning a large-scale renovation to brighten everything up, they discovered the possibilities of polished white concrete online and were desperate to know more. Naturally, we were happy to oblige, giving them the reassurance they needed to settle on this classy and economical contemporary flooring solution.

White Concrete Full Exposure

What is a Full Exposure Finish?

After pouring and drying a white concrete mix, we grinded off and polished the outer layers to fully expose the pebbles lying underneath. Along with adding grip and texture, this technique yields an exciting pattern that prevents the space from appearing too bare. No matter the taste in decor, white concrete with full exposure will complement and enhance all styles of interior design.

As you can see from our customer’s renovated home, both the inside and outside shone with modern, stylish energy, creating a cosy yet sophisticated space that will continue to feel pleasant even when stuck indoors.

Not Just for Indoors!

Best of all, this flooring style can also be used outdoors for patios, pathways, driveways, and even poolsides. We’ll employ a special non-slip formula to ensure it’s safe even when wet, allowing you to harness the natural power of the sun to reinvigorate your front and back gardens.


If your space is in need of brightening up, contact us today to find out more about white concrete with full exposure and discover what it can do for your home!



Full Exposure Concrete Melbourne