Full Exposure polished floors in Northcote

Flooring truly completes a house, and, indeed, we have memories associated with our favourite floors. The creaky hard wood in your grandparents’ dining room, the cracked tiles in your childhood bathroom where you slipped and slid out of the bathtub, the shaggy carpet where you snuggled up with your cat

Full Exposure polished floors Northcote

Our flooring grounds us and supports us through life, it is a vital part of any home. So, why not make some new memories with a floor unlike any other? Polished concrete offers the comfort of a material we know and trust in a new, and visually stunning, form. Just take one look at the full exposure polished floors in Northcote, and you will see for yourself.

Northcote is a growing Melbourne community, and it is important as such to keep up with the trends in such a vibrant region. Full exposure polished floors in Northcote add an air of modernity to this gorgeous space. Their details sparkle in the sunlight, each fragment giving character and elegance to the floor. Attracting and deflecting light, the room seems brighter and more alive with these polished concrete floors. They complement dark furniture, both charcoal and grey tones, allowing the space to feel youthful and giving the illusion of a larger area.

These full exposure polished floors in Northcote are not just a visual stimulant. They perform particularly well for families and people who live alone, requiring very low maintenance. A cost effective and eco-friendly flooring option, polished concrete floors make use of materials already present within a given space. Repurposing, in this generation, is invaluable- you will feel as though you are helping the planet as well as creating a new, exciting environment within your home.

Northcote full exposure polished floors

The decision to have polished concrete floors in your home is one that you will never regret, and never forget.