Full Exposure Polished Floors Elwood

Full Exposure Polished Floors Elwood

Check out the glossy finish on these full exposure polished floors Elwood!

Concrete is already one of the most durable building materials around. It is naturally resistant against damage, cannot be damaged by water or other weather, and its naturally smooth surface is easy to clean. Full exposure polished floors Elwood retain all the benefits of concrete and also attain several new ones that increase concretes already impressive list of benefits.

Full exposure is achieved when the maximum number of pebbles or aggregate are exposed. These full exposure polished floors Elwood are decorative and practical. The slab was prepared with the intention of a full exposure effect. Total aggregate exposure is achieved by cutting roughly 5mm off the top part of the slab, and revealing what lies beneath.

Full exposure polished floors Elwood are especially popular with many homeowners interested in upgrading their new concrete slabs. The process begins by grinding down the slab to expose the natural look of the concrete, giving it an earthier stone look.

Textures, colours, and finishes for exposed polished floors are varied and can suit a wide variety of tastes and circumstances.

The process involves three basic steps – grinding, refining and polishing – which all use specialised tools and machines with coarse diamond pads. The concrete is ground down to the desired level and smoothness. Hardeners and other protective treatments can add to the concrete’s already impressive durability and ensure the slab can survive for years to come.

Full exposure polished floors Elwood can also cool buildings during the warmer months and help warm them when it gets cooler. The naturally high thermal mass of concrete absorbs heat during the day and slowly releases it. The highly polished floor can be customised with a high gloss coating that helps reflect light and increase ambient lighting.

Polished concrete floors are especially popular due to extremes of both elements in the Australian climate, searing hot during the summers and bitterly cold during the winters.

The reliable, easy to clean and a highly customizable flooring involves some preparation, but good preparation means a great result.

Eco Grind are the experts when it comes to polished concrete floors – whether you’re pouring a new slab to polish or polishing an existing slab in an older home.

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