Full Exposure Polished Concrete

Full Exposure Polished Concrete in Sunny Sorrento

This week we ventured down the Mornington Peninsula to the beachy town of Sorrento, a place brimming with fantastic holiday houses and a relaxing vibe. At the time we felt very fortunate to have a job that takes us to so many amazing places within our beautiful state of Victoria.

Our customer in Sorrento wanted polished concrete flooring in the living space of their brand new home. They selected one of our most popular choices – full exposure polished concrete.

Full exposure is a form of polished concrete that uses a highly concentrated aggregate. Once the concrete has set, it is then polished down to a level whereby each individual pebble appears large and clear. This produces a filling effect in the room, making it seem more complete and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a similar effect to the grains in wooden flooring or the grout in tiles.  

Full Exposure Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is also the best choice when it comes to flooring for houses near water. Especially during summer, when everybody will be making the most out of Sorrento’s breathtaking beaches, wet feet and clothes on the floor would eventually result in serious damage for most types of flooring.

However, polished concrete is completely resistant to water, so you can relax and have fun without worrying about what that salty sea water residue is doing to your precious floor.

Better yet, polished concrete can be made to be slip-proof. This means you and your family will be protected from bad falls and you can rest easy! This is a particularly valuable feature for those with little ones around!

As for colour and design, our customers in Sorrento chose a light-coloured concrete with an aggregate mix of black, brown and pale pebbles. The final result was a very stylish and modern floor that gave the rooms more breathing space and added a feeling of cleanliness and refreshment.

Full Exposure Polished Concrete

We were a little sad to leave such a magnificent house in one of Victoria’s greatest towns, but, as we drove away, we thought we would surely be back for a holiday sometime to fully enjoy all of Sorrento’s attractions!

If you are interested in getting your own polished concrete, feel free to browse our website and contact us for a friendly chat!