Hawthorn Concrete Polished Floors

Have you ever felt lost when designing, building or renovating your home, overwhelmed with so many options available? Take a deep breath and finally let loose to Hakuna Matata, as these Hawthorn full exposure concrete polished floors truly mean no worries for the rest of your days; adding character to the modern household.

Hawthorn Full Exposure Concrete Polished Floors

The Hawthorn full exposure concrete polished floors are a simple and desirable addition to any home, making it memorable for all of the right reasons. Their unique pattern means that no two concrete polished floors are the same, and your home will stand out eternally because of it. This Hawthorn home uses fully exposed concrete flooring to make a bold design statement inside the house, making flooring a feature of the room that brings it to life, rather than something that people neglect to notice.


It is unquestionable that these Hawthorn full exposure concrete polished floors are as functional as they are enticing to the eye. Polished concrete has a very high coefficient of friction, making the surface non-slippery and ideal for the inside of this Hawthorn home. Further, polished concrete reduces issues such as dust mites, termites and allergens, common in other floor surfaces, and similarly it does not support mould growth.

This surface is clearly ideal for all homeowners young and old, as it is so easy to maintain. These Hawthorn full exposure concrete polished floors are clearly not just problem free in philosophy, but also in practice.

The surface of concrete polished floors are such that they attract light. In this Hawthorn home, the use of fully exposed polished concrete reduces the need for lighting within the space, as the flooring improves natural lighting given how highly reflexive it is. Rather than racking up a huge power bill, these Hawthorn homeowners have found an option that doesn’t harm the environment or the bank account.

Full exposure concrete flooring

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