Polished concrete brings to mind the smooth, grey surfaces commonly found in industrial spaces. But our latest work – full exposure acid etch shows otherwise!

As it turns out, concrete is just as comfortable around the pool and other outdoor entertaining areas. See how Eco Grind’s latest work – full exposure acid etch concrete – beautifully showcases the versatility of an outdoor concrete flooring solution for your pool and entertainment areas.

Eco Grind - Full Exposure Acid Etch Pool Surrounds

The pebble-like finish of our latest work – full exposure acid etch concrete, makes for a warm and inviting outdoor entertaining area. If you’re thinking of doing something similar for your outdoor entertaining area, remember the type of stone used in the decorative aggregate will affect the end result; so you’ll need to decide on the sort of colour palette, and texture you’re after.


The most popular stones used tend to be basalt, limestone, quartz, and granite, though a other materials, such as seashells can be used. The way in which the aggregate is exposed will also affect the overall look, which is why you’ll want to use a specialist company rather than DIY.


One of the great benefits of exposed aggregate finishes is that’s it’s highly slip resistant, which makes it perfect for around the pool, and beyond. There’s no need to worry about kids jumping in and out of the pool, or drinks spilt next to the barbie.

Full Exposure Acid Etch Path
Full Exposure Acid Etch Steps
Full Exposure Acid Etch Pool Surround Melbourne

It’s also happens to be incredibly durable. Unlike timber which loses its colour and deteriorates, your exposed aggregate pool deck and outdoor entertaining areas can withstand extreme weather and heavy traffic. Aside from an occasional clean, you won’t have to do much in the way of maintenance.


And the best bit, exposed aggregate areas are hip pocket friendly. Aside from the decorative aggregate, few other materials are required. And remember you don’t need to spend big bucks on decorative aggregate for a spectacular end result.


To create a safe and spectacular space in which to entertain your friends and family outdoors, contact Eco Grind today!

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Full Exposure Acid Etch Melbourne
Full Exposure Acid Etch Outdoor Path