Exterior Polished Concrete for Around the Home or Office

Polished concrete is an ideal exterior flooring solution. Its durability and slickness will spice up your home or workspace. Exuding an aura of both professionalism as well as a welcoming, homely feeling, it will be perfect no matter where you use it! Plus, if you already have an existing slab of concrete, it can be easily transformed into stunning polished concrete in no time at all, saving you extra money and time! We’ve some some great uses for exterior polished concrete for your home, business or even both!

Here are ways that you can use polished concrete or acid etched concrete at your property:

Polished Concrete Pool


A polished concrete patio will look amazing and its natural cooling properties will keep your outside area at a nice temperature during even the hottest of days. Perfect for a contemporary home and for those who love entertaining guests.


A stylish polished concrete path heading from a carpark or road to your office’s entrance will add sophistication to your workspace while creating an inviting aura for clients. A great display of your company’s success and attention to detail that will create a positive impression of your business right from the get-go.

Pool Areas

Concrete’s waterproof properties make it ideal for surrounding pool areas, and, using the latest grind and seal technology we can successfully create a non-slip finish. This will mean you can walk from the pool to your house easily without fear of slipping, which is especially vital for those with young children.


Whether it’s for an office or home, a polished concrete driveway will match any architecture and enhance the overall look of the building. While most people opt for a rougher unpolished concrete for their driveways, polished concrete is similarly tough and actually easier to clean than most driveway solutions. Its grinded down and polished exterior means that a mop or other cleaning tool glides seamlessly over its surface, instantly washing away all marks and dirt.

The options are endless when it’s comes to exterior polished concrete for your home or business. Get in touch with Eco Grind to see how we can create the right concrete floor for your needs.

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