When your existing driveway is worn down and lost it’s appeal, or if you’re building a new home and require, the most stylish and practical choice is an Exposed Aggregate Driveway. Let us tell you why we love exposed aggregate concrete for driveways.

Eco Grind - Exposed Aggregate Driveway

While concrete is one of the most durable materials for a driveway, some options are better than others. For example, a highly polished floor with little aggregate exposure, while looking nice indoors, will damage quickly under the harshness of the elements and will be ruined in no time. Exposed aggregate, however, is tough. The highly exposed stones and pebbles are durable and protect the concrete from damage. They are also easily able to withstand the pressure from vehicles and are great at hiding oil and other nasty stains.

Looks Amazing
Exposed aggregate is stylish, unique and will accommodate all kinds of architecture. It stands apart from the plain concrete driveways that are ever popular, making your house pop out against the surrounding monochrome. Some people opt for a driveway of a more polished and delicate variety, which, as stated earlier, damages easily. This means that the driveway, while looking amazing, is impractical, and, in the end, many people with these kinds of driveways end up parking their cars elsewhere to avoid problems. With exposed aggregate concrete, you can enjoy all the style without any of the damage!

Exposed aggregate concrete is also customisable! We have a huge selection of colours and styles you can choose from to get you started. From the colour, density and size of the stones and pebbles to the concrete colour, there will be a style to compliment your existing house colours.

There you have it! Three reasons why we believe exposed aggregate concrete is the perfect candidate for your next driveway! Give the team at Eco Grind a call today and so we can discuss your preferences and work together to create the driveway of your dreams!