This Eltham concrete polishing project resulted in a great bonus space for any Melbourne family.

Just like our other work, the floors came to life after finishing the Eltham concrete polishing job.

The owners of this home knew that Eltham concrete polishing was the best solution for them.  One of the most eco-friendly and sustainable flooring options available, it takes advantage of the materials already present and reduces waste output

New or existing concrete floors can both be candidates for concrete polishing. They are evaluated and repaired during the polishing process. Polished concrete is incredibly versatile and suits both residential and commercial settings.

During the Eltham concrete polishing work, the process began with heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with diamond abrasive grits were used to grind down the floor to the desired level of shine and smoothness.

The last step during the Eltham concrete polishing project was to apply sealers to help increase the concretes already impressive durability and reduce the need for maintenance. Sealers are available in Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane and they can be used on all concrete surfaces and can come in either satin or gloss finishes.

The final outcome was a stunning high gloss finish that will make a great foundation for family fun.

With such a high number of options, polished concrete is quickly replacing the more traditional methods such as timber and tiles in businesses and homes alike. The Eltham concrete polishing job showcased all the benefits and transformed the floor into a sleek, sophisticated piece of functional art.

At Eco Grind, we can help create a beautiful new canvas from drab, old concrete.  Servicing all areas of Greater Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and Geelong, the team at Eco Grind are here to make your floors shine.

Contact us today for an obligation-free quote, and let concrete polished floors become the greatest feature in your home.