World Environment Day is Sunday 5th June. It’s a platform for raising environmental issues. Polished concrete floors are great for the environment.

Get your polished concrete floors to coincide with World Environment Day, a platform for raising environmental issues like sustainable consumption, climate change, and marine pollution. Being low maintenance and hypoallergenic with a passive design, polished concrete is a great way to respect the environment.

Sustainable and easy to maintain

Eco-friendly flooring to follow on from World Environment Day is perfect because they don’t need harsh chemical cleaning. You can use gentle cleansers that are grey-water safe and environmentally friendly. An additional bonus – they are hypoallergenic. The surface is safe for your entire family, including your pets! Live the way you want!

Polished concrete is also a sustainable design option as it uses materials that are already present in the space. Additionally, the passive design of concrete flooring means they are highly energy-efficient. Concrete has a high thermal mass, and therefore it can regulate temperature by absorbing heat. The space will be kept cool, reducing the need for air-conditioning – it can help with reducing your bills and your CO2 admissions as well!

Eco Grind - World Environment Day

The finer details

Whatever condition your floor is in, Eco Grind can assess, and suggest ways to restore, repair, and convert it to the floor that you desire. Polished concrete is achieved by using high-quality machines with diamond grits that will grind down the surface. Full exposure will take your aggregate down to its lowest level, revealing a sparkling finish. Partial exposure gives you a unique salt-and-pepper finish which is ideal for those who want a slightly more rustic appearance.

Acid etching is another method used to treat concrete floors. With acid etch concrete, we open the ‘pores’ of the surface, allowing sealer to be properly applied. Sealer comes in acrylic, epoxy, or polyurethane and will give you a satin or gloss finish depending on which one you choose.

Polished concrete is an eco-friendly flooring option that will give your home or business a real modern feel. To get started on your stunning new look, contact Eco Grind today.

Eco Grind - Eco-Friendly Flooring for World Environment Day