driveway acid etching


While you may not view your driveway as part of your home and not give how it looks a second thought, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities to give it life. Driveways are the first part of your home that visitors see, so you can use it as an opportunity to make an unforgettable first impression.

If you have decided to have a driveway of polished concrete, there are many options and trends to consider. So what are some of the current driveway acid etching trends?

1. Mini front yard

This is one of many driveway acid etching trends, especially for those who live in cities. Houses in cities generally don’t provide much room for yards, however the driveway, depending on how it’s built can provide an opportunity to create a “mini front yard”, a chic space for visitors to park their cars where they can be greeted by a small garden at the end or around the driveway. A mini front yard can also be built in the middle of the driveway if it’s built as parallel lines.

2. Colour and outdoor lighting

Adding colour and light to driveways has become a popular driveway acid etching trend this year. Colour and light in polished concrete driveways adds sparkle and character to a home. The right colours for polished concrete driveways will ultimately depend on the age and design of a house. In regards to driveway acid etching trends with outdoor lighting, as well as installing lighting for safety and security purposes, if installed in the right places, outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of the colours of the driveway.

acid etching driveway
driveway acid etching

3. Asymmetric designs

While asymmetric driveways are generally associated with their shape and the materials used, another popular driveway acid etching trend is asymmetric shapes and designs in its surface.

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