It’s hard to beat concrete. This type of flooring is having its time in the spotlight.


From hipster cafes to open workspaces, we are embracing industrial chic. We can’t get enough of polished concrete floors: not only do they look good, they have several benefits as well. There are several reasons why you should consider domestic polished concrete floors in your home.

domestic polished concrete floors

1. They are versatile


There are several ways to seal and stain concrete to suit your interior goals. If you don’t like the ‘wet’ look, you can opt for a silicon-based penetrating sealer. You can also choose to stamp your concrete: go for a salvaged wood look or a marble-like effect depending on the look you are going for. You can also play with textures.


2. They are economical


Almost every house is pre-installed with concrete floors. You do not need to install any new flooring, you just have to decide on your level of polishing and your finish. They also are long lasting and perfect for a long-term solution.


3. Low maintenance


Domestic polished concrete floors are impervious to spills. Unlike carpet floors, they do not need to be vacuumed – or waxed like some floorboards! Forget about grouting or having to seal cracks in tiles – polished concrete floors are one smooth, flat surface with no cracks.

domestic polished concrete floors

4. Best lighting


Take your lighting game up a notch. These floors absorb light and illuminate rooms by up to 30 per cent. This makes for good lighting (and even better photos!).


5. They are sustainable


Domestic polished concrete floors are very energy efficient. They absorb heat throughout the day, and this can lower your energy bill sustaintially!


6. They’re perfect for children


Polished concrete floor do not accumulate mould, dirt or grime. Therefore, they are the perfect fit for children who suffer from asthma or allergies. They are also pet-friendly and chemical-free once completely dry and processed.


7. They add value to your house


They creates an eye-catching that increase the value of your home. It is also flexible, offering different homeowners the chance to dress up the space according to their personal preference.

domestic polished concrete floors

Concrete flooring is about form and function. You can’t compete with concrete whether it comes to the floors of your next home, or your upcoming renovation plans. For more information on domestic polished concrete floors, contact us today at EcoGrind.