Underfloor Heating: The Best Choice For Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are not only a beautiful design trend, but a flooring choice with many great properties. When choosing heating options for your home, polished concrete floors work exceptionally well with underfloor heating.

Along with the thermal mass properties of concrete, underfloor heating is a great way to create warmth and comfort in the cooler months.

Compared to traditional styles, underfloor heating distributes heat evenly in the area it has been installed. The thermal mass properties of polished concrete will also help retain heat, making the area cosy and comfortable all year round. Traditional heaters and radiators do not distribute the heat as well, making underfloor heating the best choice under many surfaces especially polished concrete.

Traditional heaters may also hinder the design of the home, making the area cramped due to space restrictions. Underfloor heating is a great way to create a minimalist design which does not compromise the effectiveness of heating the home. Thanks to the growing popularity of minimalist designs, this style of heating is a popular design choice used on renovating shows. Providing a high end and luxe look, polished concrete with underfloor heating is undeniably a great option for modern flooring.

Along with its luxurious properties, underfloor heating also provides a safe and clean environment for the whole family. No need to worry about children burning themselves and no need to worry about cleaning the dust that accumulates on conventional heaters.

The outlay may be expensive, however in the long run, underfloor heating is cost effective. Thanks to its energy efficiency, heating bills will be low, allowing you to spend your money elsewhere. 

With effective installation from a reputable company, Eco Grind can work with other suppliers to create beautiful polished concrete floors with underfloor heating. Their expertise and great customer service will provide underfloor heating with maximum results. With comfort, warmth and cost effectiveness in the disposal of home owners, there are many benefits. Get in touch with Eco Grind today and we can answer all your and provide quality service from start to finish.