Do polished concrete floors scratch easily?

Are you thinking of polished concrete floors as durable yet stylish option for your home or business? More importantly, do polished concrete floors scratch easily?

Eco Grind - Do polished concrete floors scratch easily?

It’s durable

Do polished concrete floors scratch easily? No. This is a hard wearing and durable flooring solution that is suitable for any residential or commercial space. They are not as susceptible to chipping or scratching like certain other flooring materials, timber for instance. Polished concrete is also dense, meaning it’s stain resistant, unable to absorb oils, water or other contaminants. This is why it’s perfect for high traffic areas – kitchens, showrooms, workshops and the like.

It’s eco-friendly

Polished concrete is a sustainable design option for your home or business. This technique makes use of materials that are already present in the space. It cuts down on an extra step, saving you both time and money.

It has a long lifespan

Professional and correctly polished concrete can last up to 10 years without major maintenance. It can even have a greater life cycle than popular flooring choices like carpeting and wood laminate. This is turn makes it an affordable option too.

It’s easy to clean and maintain

You won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning or maintaining polished concrete. In most cases, you’ll just need to sweep or mop regularly so dirt doesn’t accumulate. If it’s a high gloss finish, a damp mop once a month will ensure the gloss is retained.

What’s the process?

Heavy duty polishing machines equipped with diamond abrasive grits are used to grind down the surface of your floors to your desired level of shine and smoothness. It doesn’t matter what condition your existing or new concrete floor surfaces are. Our team of experts can evaluate and repair or convert it into the kind of floor you require.

Exposure levels

You can decide what’s best for you. Full exposure means concrete is grinded right down to achieve maximum exposure of stones. It’s the easiest to achieve, but has the most spectacular glossy results. Random exposure is also known as salt and pepper finish. You’ll see the lightest aggregate possible and when done right, it’s well worth it. Nil exposure needs to be done by someone with years of experience. Only the top crust of concrete is removed so it can accept polishes and coatings. It can only be achieved when concrete is perfectly laid.

Gloss levels

A satin finish gives your long-lasting coverage and it’s scratch resistant. This is a low maintenance finish and you’ll never have to worry about it turning yellow. A gloss finish gives real pizzazz. As the name would suggest, your floor will be glossy and shiny and your home or industrial space will be given a level of sophistication unlike any other.

If you’re looking at giving your home or business an instant facelift, you’ll do just that by choosing polished concrete. Call Eco Grind for more information today. You won’t regret it!