Following up our previous guide to popular concrete finishes, we present four more Different Ways to Finish Concrete.

Throughout Melbourne, home and business owners are looking at polished concrete as a flooring option. There are a number of different ways to finish concrete, so here at Eco Grind we’ve continued our handy guide! 

Burnished finish 

Despite its remarkably similar effect to polishing, the process of burnishing concrete is completely different. Special machines are used to heat and apply a chemical coating onto the surface, which melts into the microscopic pores. This yields a glossy shine that’s tough and durable. Best of all, burnished finishes are cheaper than most traditional forms of polishing, making them budget-friendly! They are, however, super-sensitive, requiring a flawlessly-poured and thoroughly-cleaned slab to get the right result. This is why it’s best to use an experienced concreter who is aware of your desire for a burnished finish.  

Full exposure 

Full exposure concrete is vigorously grinded to reveal the aggregate pebbles buried underneath. This creates bold, dynamic patterns that can be customised through different colours and sizes. Unlike the above, full exposure concrete is relevantly easy to achieve and can be applied to a wide range of slabs. However, it is significantly more time than other finish options, often rendering it more expensive.  

Different Ways to Polish Concrete - Full Exposure
Different Ways to Polish Concrete - Full Exposure

Random exposure 

Random exposure produces a unique, salt and pepper design. This is achieved by combining different levels of exposure. With a mish-mash of heavy, medium, and light grinding, the exposed aggregate forms exciting, irregular patterns intensifying the impact of your floor. Random exposure is a delicate, laborious process that requires an expertly-poured slab, making it vital to use an experienced concreter who understands the look you want to achieve.  

Different Ways to Polish Concrete - Random

Nil exposure 

Nil exposure boasts little to no patterns on the surface, forming a unified, blank canvas with a refreshing, ultramodern look. Grinding off just a minuscule layer, it is best performed on the high-quality slabs, with even the slightest undulation potentially spoiling the effect.     


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