Different Polished Concrete Finishes 

No matter how you polished your concrete, the biggest factor determining the overall aesthetic will always be the finish. That’s why it’s important to spend ample time considering what finish you want for your polished concrete flooring. Eco Grind has a variety of different polished concrete finishes available.

To help you decide, we’ve outlined the basic polished concrete finishes. Use this guide to transform the floor of your dreams into a reality! 

Full Exposure 

One of the most popular concrete finishes, full exposure means that the concrete is deeply grinded. The aggregate inside the concrete will appear large, making the room feel ‘fuller’ and more homely.    

Random Exposure  

Random exposure will have the floor polished at random levels, meaning that parts of the floor appear differently. Some parts will have full and bold aggregate, some will have small, while others will have none! A unique choice for those wanting something a little special! 

Nil Exposure 

Nil exposure results in no aggregate appearing on the surface. Your floor will be shiny and blank. This is often desired by showrooms or those looking for a cutting-edge modern home. As this method is difficult, it’s most effective with new concrete that has met specific guidelines.  


A burnish finish is achieved with a special polishing machine that melts and buffs a wax-based coating onto your floor. The end result is clean and has no aggregate – similar to nil exposed polished concrete. Unlike nil exposure, which can be difficult if the slab hasn’t been poured well, a burnish finish guarantees an easy and unblemished concrete floor. 

Acid Etching  

Acid etching is a growing concrete trend whereby acid is spread over the floor to create unique patterns. No two acid-etched concrete floors will be the same! The technique also makes your flooring more resistant to damage and is great at hiding blemishes! A perfect match for outdoor patios. 

Grind and Seal 

One of our biggest specialties is grind and seal polished concrete. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art diamond grinders to polish the surface of your concrete, then seal it with a matte or glossy finish. This technique can completely rejuvenate old, damaged floors, so, if you’re worried about the condition of your concrete slab, fear not!  

For all these different polished concrete finishes, it’s wise to use the best in the business. Give the team at Eco Grind a call today to see how we can help you with the right concrete floor for your needs.

Different Polished Concrete Finishes
Different Polished Concrete Finishes