While researching polished concrete for your home or workspace, you’ve likely come across numerous companies (including Eco Grind) boasting about ‘diamond polished concrete.’

So, what’s it all about? Let’s take a look at the benefits and specs for diamond polished concrete.

What is Diamond Polished Concrete?

 As you’ve likely guessed by now, diamond polishing uses diamonds to grind down and polish concrete floors. Specifically, with diamond abrasive grits, concreters are able to slowly and progressively grind the concrete down until it is utterly smooth and flawless.

Diamond Polished Concrete - The Toughest in Town
How Do You Polish with Diamonds?

Our machines are fitted with grits, which are made of hardened abrasive particles used for grinding down other materials. For a basic idea, picture sandpaper. However, for highly durable concrete, primitive sandpaper will barely make a scratch! That’s why we infuse our grits with diamond, considered to be the hardest known naturally occurring material in the world, allowing us to grind down and polish concrete with ease!

Our Diamond Polishing Method

Diamond polishing doesn’t just happen in one go. We methodically run our machines over the concrete numerous times until the work is complete. The first few runs – which are the roughest – are intended to expose the aggregate underneath the concrete to our customer’s desired level. After that, we continue by gradually grinding down the surface layer again and again with finer diamonds until treating it with a sealing agent. Following this, we continue with a more delicate and precise polish, only stopping once all parties are satisfied with the result. 

Diamond Polished Concrete Floors
Why Polish with Diamond?

Diamond polishing has been proven to be the most effective and reliable tool ensuring polished concrete perfection. Simply put, it yields far better results than any other materials. Your floor will be super-smooth and can be treated with different sealers to guarantee durability, cleanliness, and even make it slip-proof.

If you’re shopping around for concreters to polish your floor, ask them, do you use diamond abrasive grits? If the answer is no, we suggest moving on!

Eco Grind boasts the latest state-of-the-art diamond polishing machines guaranteed to bring to life the polished concrete floor you’ve been dreaming of!

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