Croydon Non Slip Polished Concrete

When a really incredible, catchy song is played on the radio, the experience is truly transformative. You turn up the volume, smile, and are often overcome with a strong and irrepressible urge to dance around your house in your socks. This Croydon property truly sets the stage, using flooring that is durable, fashionable and environmentally friendly. These Croydon non slip polished concrete floors make every single day worth dancing about.

croydon non slip polished concrete floors

Polished concrete is as timeless as your favourite song- it does not chip or dent like wood or tiling. It’s non-slip, so your sock covered toes are not at risk of flying out from beneath you. The Croydon non-slip polished concrete floors cover a sizeable portion of a communal outdoor area; the perfect place for such a versatile flooring. No one has to sit around, worried about destroying the precious floors. Instead, they can be used to create precious memories. The floors in this suburban dream in Croydon allow for you to roller-skate, cartwheel and play checkers on the floor with children.

These Croydon non slip polished concrete grind and seal floors are the ideal way to brighten up and utilise large outdoor space. They are easily cleaned with water or neutral pH cleaners, so there is no need to invest in expensive waxes or other chemically engineered products in order to maintain this flooring.

The exposed brick on the outside of this Croydon house compliments the non-slip polished concrete flooring, fostering an enchanting and appealing outdoor space. The windows have charcoal frames, which offset both the brick and the polished concrete grind and seal floors seamlessly, giving this gorgeous family home a feeling of class and modernity. This flooring choice undoubtedly compliments any family home, adding both aesthetic and functional value to any exposed, under-utilised areas. So, why not strap on your dancing shoes and give it a try in your home?

non slip floors

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