Create Gorgeous Outdoor Space with Etched Finished Concrete

Renovating homes has become the thing to do, with many of us having some free time now. How about etched finished concrete for your outdoor flooring?

Etched finished concrete isn’t smooth like interior polished concrete, but it has several benefits. It is best suited to the outdoors – including driveways, pathways, pools and other wet areas. It’s sustainable and comes in so many colours to suit your home décor.

Firstly, the basics
Etched finished concrete is a bit different to polished concrete. It begins the same way. We prepare the area and lay the concrete (in the colours you’ve chosen). We then let it settle and lastly, remove the top few millimetres of concrete to show that gorgeous aggregate (stones) underneath. A sealer is then applied to protect the surface.

It’s easy to clean and maintain
Etched finished concrete is easy to clean. Just stay away from harsh chemicals. It won’t chip and crack like other flooring materials, and it’s scratch resistant. It will be years before any wear and tear begins to show. A huge bonus is that it’s also allergy free. Now you can be sure this will stand the test of time.

Etched Finished Concrete

Have your pick of colours
You don’t have to be bland when there’s a range of colours you can choose from. Match your current décor with shades of blacks, whites, browns, reds and blues. Etched finished concrete is not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing.

A beautiful end product
There’s a reason that etched concrete is so popular for many homes and business around Australia. It’s long lasting, easy to maintain and looks amazing. Perfect for driveways, paths around your home and for wet areas around swimming pools.

Now is the time to revamp your floors with Etched Finished Concrete. You know the benefits. Contact us the team at Eco Grind to get started!