Cool Polished Concrete

Cool Polished Concrete Trend

There are now more options than ever when customizing your home or business, amongst the current and fashionable trends, is polished concrete. The Cool Polished concrete trend is popular because it is environmentally friendly, versatile and robust which is why it’s becoming an increasingly popular as a flooring option all over the country. Polishing transforms formerly dull, drab floors into sophisticated, bright, decorative art, creating a talking point that will be the envy of guests, while also providing other benefits.

Cool Polished Concrete Trends

The polishing process uses hardeners to make the already dense concrete even more durable, and the high-level sheen can reflect light, increasing ambient lighting. Heavy duty machinery equipped with coarse diamond pads grind it down to the desired level and smoothness. New or existing slabs can be polished, and the process will often be able to repair a damaged slab. Polishing ensures that the floor can’t be destroyed, marked or stained under normal circumstances.

It also makes the floor easier to maintain and clean. When polishing is done right, with professionals, the time between maintenance can be years. The sleek surface is also easier to clean due to the absence of cracks and holes for mould and grime to accumulate. Cool polished concrete trend is becoming more popular for a reason, most people would jump at the chance to have a floor that requires virtually no cleaning or maintenance and the darker subtler flooring goes with most decors.I

Cool Polished Concrete Trends

Polished concrete is a combination of simplicity and environmentally friendly aspects, which makes it incredibly appealing to modern homeowners. There are also a virtually unlimited number colours, textures, and finishes which can be used in a variety of combinations to suit individual styles, along with custom engravings, graphics, borders, saw cuts and a myriad of other options.

The decorative concretes whole process creates very little waste and can be constructed with entirely recyclable materials. Crushed glass, recycled plastics, marble chips and metal shavings are able to be used in the design process while the concrete itself can be made up of fly ash or slag cement, which are two common waste by-products of modern manufacturing faculties.

A polished concrete floor is even considered a sustainable flooring option, because it makes use of materials that are already present and doesn’t require any other materials to be expelled in the polishing process.

The process of concrete polishing is the ultimate blend of aesthetics, function and environmentally friendly aspects with a cool sleek and modern look, which is why the cool polished concrete trend is becoming increasingly popular when homeowners and businesses are looking to upgrade their properties floors. For more about different trends and helpful expert advice you can contact us directly here.