Concrete Pool Surrounds Melbourne

Summertime is pool time. It’s also time to talk about concrete pool surrounds in Melbourne. Is it safe? Does it look good? Find out below.

It’s vital to have the right surface around your pool. Safety is a priority and if it can look good, even better. There are many options – among those, polished or honed concrete. Let’s discuss concrete pool surrounds for your Melbourne home.

Concrete Pool Surrounds Melbourne - Eco Grind

Concrete Pool Surrounds Melbourne

There are plenty of potential options for the surface surrounding your pool. Pool landscaping is not just about aesthetics but safety too. Polished or honed concrete are popular options that many pool owners opt for.

What Is Polished or Honed Concrete?

Polished concrete has long been used for indoor areas but it can also be a smooth and shiny outdoor flooring surface. When concrete is polished or honed, it undergoes a mechanical process where the surface is cut, ground flat, then polished to achieve your desired effect.

Honed concrete has a sealant applied to its surface during the final stages of production. Meanwhile, polished concrete goes through a chemical process that hardens and increases the density of the concrete surface.

The Benefits of Polished or Honed Concrete for Outdoors

It’s non-slip.

The concrete is finished with a non- slip grit, preventing you and your family from slipping when running on the wet ground. It makes it much harder to fall, so obviously it is a great option to surround your pool.


It’s a cost-effective option as it uses materials already present in the space. You’ll save a considerable amount choosing polished or honed concrete over other materials.

It’s Durable

Polished or honed concrete has been known to last for decades.

You may choose to reseal it occasionally, which would likely outlast the pool itself.

Easily Matches Décor

This type of surface fits aesthetically with many colours and therefore the décor or landscaping around your home.

Concrete Pool Surrounds Melbourne - Eco Grind

Honed concrete will tie everything about your pool space together.

There is nothing better than spending hot summer days by the pool. Give yourself safe yet stylish pool surroundings.

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