Concrete is one of the most durable building materials available. It is naturally robust and can last decades without maintenance; it is also colourless and mundane. However, with modern advances in concrete polishing and concrete paint, concrete can be transformed. Which begs the question Concrete Polishing vs Concrete Paint? Which one works better?

Both options achieve a similar result, but it’s the subtle differences in the two methods that make one superior. The process of concrete polishing uses stains to dye the concrete. The stain goes through the whole material becoming part of it. The colour never fades and is less susceptible to environmental damage. If the concrete polishing has been done correctly with protective treatments, its longevity increases dramatically.  Concrete paint coats the top of the concrete and protects the pavement naturally eliminating the need for protective sealers, although it is susceptible to cracking over time and can require frequent maintenance, especially if it’s in a high traffic area.

When deciding Concrete Polishing Vs Concrete Paint? One must also consider what decorative choices are available. Style options for both are extensive. However concrete polishing has the greater of the two. Textures, colours, and finishing options are virtually limitless and can be customized to suit a wide variety of styles. Saw cuts, custom engravings, and graphics can create a one of a kind floor to suit virtually any dwelling. Pebbles, shards of glass or glitter can also be used to develop something unique. It can also be polished to have a low, medium or high-level mirror-like shine.

Concrete paint has a myriad of customization options available as well, boasting different colours, textures, and patterns.  However, they are somewhat limited in choice compared to concrete polishing because it is only a top coat of paint, rather than transforming the actual concrete. Polished concrete may require resealing, but the colour will never fade or chip.

Concrete paint can cover damaged areas and be a cheap fix if the slab has chips or blemishes. Concrete Polishing does nothing to hide already damaged pavement. The preparation process before the paint is applied can be extensive though, sometimes requiring cleaning and acid etching. Concrete painting is the more affordable option, but concrete polishing may provide better long-term results, it is not susceptible to sun damage, peeling and has more options for customization available.

Ultimately it comes down to individual tastes to answer the question of Concrete Polishing Vs Concrete Paint? Everyone’s needs and requirements are different. It all depends on what works best for your circumstances.


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