Concrete is one of the most durable building materials available.


It is naturally tough and can last decades without maintenance. Concrete polishing, a process which transforms the concrete, has become a popular means of taking advantage of this mundane material. Concrete Polishing Northern Suburbs is especially popular with many homeowners interested in upgrading their new or existing concrete slabs.Concrete Polishing Northern Suburbs

Polishing transforms the cold, hard concrete slab into a bright, sleek sophisticated floor. The multi-step process requires the use of special tools and equipment consisting of three basic steps – grinding, honing and polishing.

Machines with coarse diamond pads are used to grind down the concrete to the desired level and smoothness. A hardener is added to densify the concrete and increase the durability, along with any colours, stains or finishes. Machines are then used to grind the slab with increasingly finer blades until the desired level of shine is achieved. It can be low, medium or a high-level mirror-like shine.  If a deeper colour is desired, it is applied before the final polishing process. Protective treatments can be applied last, which will lessen the need for maintenance in the intervening years. If the concrete has been properly hardened and polished its longevity increases dramatically.

Concrete Polishing Northern Suburbs

Options for textures, colours, and finishes are nearly limitless and can be customized to suit a wide variety of personal tastes.  Saw cuts, custom engravings, and graphics can create a one of a kind floor to suit virtually any dwelling. For the environmentally conscious owner, Concrete Polishing Northern Suburbs can be environmentally friendly with recyclable materials such as crushed glass, recycled plastics, marble chips and metal shavings able to be used in the design process.

Aside from its aesthetic qualities, polished concrete can help cool the building during the day. The smooth mirror-like surface can also absorb heat during the day and slowly release it at night, decreasing the need for artificial heating alternatives. It can also reflect light increasing ambient lighting. Concrete Polishing Northern Suburbs is especially popular due to extremes of both elements in the area, searing hot in the day and bitterly cold at night.

New or existing concrete can be polished and it is possible for the concrete to be treated before the structure is built. Polished Concrete is strong, easy to clean and a highly customizable decorative flooring.


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