If you’re thinking about installing a new concrete floor in your home, or renovating the existing concrete that’s underneath that old carpet or tiles, then Eco Grind, Concrete Polishing Boronia are the team for you! Polished Concrete is a versatile and great design choice for any area in your home or office.

Concrete Polishing Boronia from Eco Grind, Concrete Polishers Melbourne

Polished concrete is an incredibly versatile flooring option with many benefits that can suit both commercial and personal uses. Polished concrete finishes also provide a durable, safe and customisable surface.

Polished concrete provides a large number of finishes that can suit a wide range of different purposes, including increased durability, easier maintenance, and enhanced appearance. Polished concrete finishes come in a wide variety of options – for those who want the full stone effect, the concrete can be ground down before it’s polished to expose the aggregate beneath, or it can be ground down in patches, leaving small areas with exposed aggregate.

Eco Grind - Concrete Polishing Boronia

There are so many different options when it comes to polished concrete, from colours to finishes, there are heaps of variety so suit your requirement –

Just to name a few! See more about our range of finishes here…

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Eco Grind - Concrete Polishers Boronia