Eco Grind – Concrete Polishers Fingal – creating practical and beautiful Polished Concrete Flooring solutions for homes and businesses across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne. We can help with all your concreting polishing and grinding needs. Residential, Commercial or Industrial polished concrete solution begins with the experts at Eco Grind.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you!

Concrete Polishers Fingal

Eco Grind – Concrete Polishers Fingal

Eco Grind Concrete Polishers are the experts you can depend on when you need dependable and experienced concrete polishers to polish your concrete floors.

We have range of different styles, colours and techniques available to suit almost any space and area – Eco Grind can transform any space into a modern and stylish room that will impress.

Polished Concrete refers to a method of grinding away small impurities from a concrete floor and applying a protective coating. Stains and other substances can often be left behind on a plain concrete floor creating an eyesore and obstruction on the finish. Concrete polishing is used to remove some of the old surface imperfections and transform the floor.

During the process of concrete polishing, specialised machines equipped with diamond abrasives are used to smooth down the surface to your desired level of shine and smoothness. The initial condition of the existing slab doesn’t matter, because regardless of the damage there is an opportunity to evaluate, repair and convert it into the kind of floor for your needs. Floor grinding can also be used to even out raised areas, and can be applied to most concrete surfaces, like driveways, patios, paths, floors and walkways.

Concrete Polishers Fingal from Eco Grind, Concrete Polishing Mornington Peninsula

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